Elevation Health Partners takes a people-centric approach to serve and guide the needs of our clients. We are champions in the healthcare industry who consistently execute and deliver superior solutions in person-centered healthcare delivery and associated value-based reimbursement strategies.



Elevation Health Partners takes a people-centric approach to serve and guide the needs of our clients. We are champions in the healthcare industry who consistently execute and deliver superior solutions in person-centered healthcare delivery and associated value-based reimbursement strategies.


Bold. Enterprising. Exacting. Sincere. Resourceful. Agile. Reliable. Relatable. Present. Enthusiastic. Warm. Influential. Adept. Futuristic.

Our team shares a commitment to challenging conventional thinking and solving the complex problems that plague our health system.


Natalie Martin, MBA, SHRM SCP, TCI Facilitator
President and Chief Executive Officer San Diego

Natalie has over 30 years of experience and leads the overall team at Elevation Health Partners. Since 2006, she has helped California's counties, communities, and health systems in clinical system re-design, practice transformation, and data sharing to deliver patient focused, accountable, community care. Natalie’s expertise is in designing and implementing innovative approaches to evidence-based care delivery, value-based payment, data sharing, social linkages, and technical assistance.

Natalie works in close partnership with many funding organizations, federal, state, and county government entities and community organizations to identify needs and improve patient experience and health outcomes. Natalie's expertise also includes privacy and security in data sharing, and data sharing technology selection and implementation.

Natalie is a Society of Human Resources Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Certified Facilitator. She advocates for strategic partnership in human resources management by working to align people strategies to organization success and business results. Natalie is skilled in talent acquisition, employee and provider engagement and retention, and workforce strengthening.

Natalie obtained her Bachelor of Arts from Saint Joseph’s University and her Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Beyond setting the vision and direction of the company, Natalie serves as the Executive Sponsor of our largest projects and is regularly in the field working shoulder-to-shoulder with healthcare and social services teams. Natalie is a published author, entrepreneur, retired marathoner and triathlete. Natalie and her husband John have one daughter, Skylar Rose, and share a love of travel and scuba diving.


Deena Pourshaban, MPH, PCMH CCE

Senior Managing Consultant, West Los Angeles

Deena Pourshaban, MPH, PCMH CCE
Senior Managing Consultant West Los Angeles

Deena’s expertise is in program and project management, practice transformation, public health and population care management, strategic planning, research and evidence-based methods. She hopes to bridge the gap between social determinants of health (SDOH) (i.e., income, education, housing and access to nutritious food) and clinical interventions by working closely with providers and health centers to highlight the importance of SDOH and their impacts on health disparities.

Deena has over eight years of healthcare and public health experience and is the Program Lead for the Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN), a $16M CMS-sponsored grant initiative to transform clinical practice and achieve large-scale health transformation. She leads the team to deliver coaching services to bring 800 targeted providers through five phases of transformation and ready the practices for value-based reimbursement while demonstrating significant improvements in care for patients with diabetes and/or depression. Deena oversees project compliance and program goals for 23 practices and manages a team of 10 practice transformation coaches. Deena is also an assigned coach directly supporting two PCMH recognized FQHCs under the program. A Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert (PCMH CCE), Deena aligns her LAPTN practice transformation work with PCMH recognition concepts and criteria.

Deena works shoulder-to-shoulder with project partners and care teams in defining the strategic objectives to meet and measure project goals. She brings her deep experience in quality improvement, HEDIS, and P4P to her collaborative work clients and care teams to tackle difficult CQMs, with recent work in comprehensive diabetes care and depression screening for FQHCs and small/solo providers throughout Southern California. Deena has supported several FQHCs with empanelment policy and implementation, development and use of provider level dashboards, and strategies for best practices ER hospitalization follow-up and care management for patients with diabetes.

As a Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert (PCMH CCE), Deena has supported eight clinics to achieve 2017 NCQA PCMH recognition. Deena guides the practice in navigating the NCQA PCMH recognition process, developing compliant operational level policies and procedures, and redesigning and implementing best practice workflow and staff trainings.

Prior to joining Elevation Health, Deena was the Project Manager of the Policy Analysis Unit at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health where she collaborated with leaders and executive staff from several organizations and agencies (DPH, CCJCC, DA, CDC) and held community-based forums on several health economic and impact studies that worked to influence local and state policies. Deena co-authored two publications, Health and Public Safety Impacts of Sustaining a Women’s Jail Diversion Program in Los Angeles County and Building and Sustaining a Strong Public Health Workforce.

Deena obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from the University of California, San Diego and her Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Southern California.

Aside from supporting Elevation Health’s mission and vision, Deena loves learning about different cultures and customs. She’s had the opportunity to travel to rural areas of Africa and Panama to assist with infectious disease awareness and improve sanitation and hygiene conditions. She enjoys being outdoors, participating in 5Ks, hiking to the Hollywood sign, and climbing the Culver City stairs.


Stella Gukasyan, Ed.M., TCI Facilitator

Quality Improvement Consultant, Burbank

Stella has over 15 years of healthcare, education, and public health experience and is a Quality Improvement Consultant for the Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN), a CMS-sponsored grant initiative to transform clinical practice and achieve large-scale health transformation. She is leading 3 federally qualified health centers, with a combined total of over a 150 providers through clinical and operational transformation towards value-based care. She is coaching one of her practices to achieve PCMH accreditation and led the implementation of a population health management tool at a health center. She has co-led True Colors International Personality Assessment trainings and empathy and bias trainings across primary care settings in Los Angeles County.

Prior to joining Elevation Health Partners, as a Quality Improvement Consultant, Stella was the Principal Investigator and Evaluation Specialist at AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) for a multi-site Access to Care Initiative in collaboration with AIDS United, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. She also served as a Quality Assurance Consultant to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA) to manage, promote, communicate, and coordinate quality achievement and performance improvement activities across 20 health centers and 2 high school based clinics. Stella enjoys working with culturally and socio-economically diverse populations and has a deep understanding of social and behavioral sciences, HIV/AIDS clinical care and prevention, and designing and implementing research projects and data analysis. She is very familiar with the landscape of FQHCs in Los Angeles County. In addition to her domestic HIV research, she worked at the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research managing international HIV/AIDS projects in Rwanda, South Africa, and Tanzania. 

Stella holds a Masters of Education in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Leadership Essentials Certification, and a Bachelors of Science, in Biology from the University of California San Diego.

Stella loves spending time with her family and friends. She has worked in Central America and across different countries in Africa on HIV/AIDS initiatives. She is a published author with over 10 scientific publications, an avid reader, and enjoys exploring the multi-cultural food scene in Los Angeles!


Carol Bernstein, MPH, LCSW

Sr. Integrative Health Consultant, San Fernando Valley

Carol has over 30 years of health care experience as a LCSW and public health professional with extensive experience consulting, managing, creating and implementing programs in both clinical and educational health care environments.

Carol has been a Senior Integrative Health Consultant at Elevation Health Partners since 2016 and is working with Federally Qualified Health Centers on the Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN) program, a CMS initiative that focuses on extensive quality improvement goals, practice transformation, and preparing practices for value-based reimbursement. Much of her work has focused on developing and enhancing care teams, defining and creating care navigator, care coordinator and behavioral health roles and workflows within the clinic setting, and integration of behavioral health into primary care. In addition, Carol serves as the team clinical content expert for behavioral health related initiatives, health behavior change, and multi-sector care coordination. She is recognized for her training and presentation work around Motivational Skill Building, Empathy and Cultural Humility, and Social Determinants of Health.

Carol has extensive experience working collaboratively with both leadership and staff teams to facilitate dialogues for change and creation of new models of care delivery. Her 30 plus years of experience includes creating, implementing and delivering education programs for all levels of professionals and clients focused on communication, motivation, wellness, mindfulness, resilience, goal setting, weight management and insomnia.

Using evidence-based methodology, and previous experience from 20 years at Kaiser Permanente, Carol has tailored Elevation Health Partners Motivational Skill Building, Empathy, Cultural Humility and Bias, and Working with Social Determinants of Health workshops to meet the unique and specific needs of Los Angeles Federally Qualified Health Centers. Participants include executive team members, providers, practitioners and ancillary staff. Her work has evolved from years of active listening and engaging in brainstorming sessions with her health teams and clients. Carol is passionate about the need for connection and the link between empathic inquiry and stronger relationships with patients that better lead to changing patient behaviors.

Carol holds a Masters of Social Work and Masters in Public Health from Columbia University in New York and a Bachelors of Art in Social Ecology from the University of California, Irvine. Carol is a LCSW from the State of California.


Rachel Proud, MPH

Quality Improvement Consultant, Long Beach

Rachel has over six years of experience working alongside healthcare organizations assisting clinics, practices, and hospitals with providing patient advocacy services, serving patients one-on-one with access to health insurance coverage, and preparing health centers for the advancement of alternative based payment models and value-based care. As a quality improvement consultant at Elevation Health Partners, Rachel has had the opportunity as a QI Coach on the CMS funded Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN) project to identify and provide supportive services related to many different clinical and operational level projects with small and large federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) throughout Los Angeles. She has also provided process improvement support, focusing on increasing HEDIS measure performance, and utilizing EHR capabilities to small and solo practices in Los Angeles. She has deep expertise in HEDIS and HEDIS Technical Specifications, proper coding of Clinical Quality Measures, and has led coding for quality trainings for providers and office staff. Rachel finds great fulfillment working to impact the patient population and their families within Los Angeles County and working as part of multi-disciplinary teams, including coordination on improvement projects with local health plans. Rachel serves as one of the utilization management workgroup leads and is also the Legislative and Health Policy Subject Matter Expert at Elevation Health.

Prior to working at Elevation Health Partners, Rachel found her passion for working directly with families and patients as an intake patient advocate at Mission Hospital. She assisted patients with screening and enrollment into multiple different health insurance plans, ranging from Medi-Cal, Medicare, subsidized plans on the Covered California marketplace, and the Medical Safety Net program in Orange County. Rachel gained four years of experience as a Covered California Certified Enrollment Counselor (CEC) and a Certified MSN Application Taker (CMAT). She also gained valuable experience coordinating patient care with the entire case management discharge planning team at the hospital, as well as communicating with county social service workers and social security offices.

Rachel obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Policy and Dance from the University of California, Irvine and her Master of Public Health with a focus in Public Health Policy from the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

Rachel is a California native and loves going to the beach and Los Angeles Dodger games. Before focusing on a career in public health, Rachel professionally trained in ballet from the age of five, received training in the official school of The Sacramento Ballet and continued her training throughout college.


John Carlo Luna

Business Insights Consultant

John joined Elevation Health Partners as a Business Insights Consultant in early 2019. He will be working, shoulder-to-shoulder, with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) around Los Angeles as part of the Los Angeles Practice Transformative Network (LAPTN) initiative. As a LAPTN Transformation Coach, John will be working to engage clinics to meet and improve their quality improvement outcomes, transform clinic practice through evidence-based and data-driven decision making, and to utilize and maximize the clinics’ electronics health record (EHR) system to its capacity.

John has over 3 years of experience in the health care industry – from doing non-profit work, research & academia, and in health systems. Before Elevation Health Partners, he worked as a Project Analyst in Kaiser Permanente providing analytical support to various company initiatives. His proudest work involves developing the analytical framework for reporting the diversity index (DI) of all of Kaiser’s physicians in Southern California in order to develop an innovative curriculum for the future generation of physicians. John has also coordinated a research project focusing uncovering mental health of the Filipino/Filipino-American women, immigrant, and LGBT+ population through digital media. Lastly, he was also chosen to participate in the CDC Undergraduate Public Health Scholars program (CUPS) and partnered with the University of Michigan School of Public Health where he gained field work experience working with non-profit organizations and working a community-based research project assessing the sexual health care services in Detroit, MI.

John graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts in Sociology with a Minor in Public Affairs with a Concentration on Health Policy at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Pranab Banskota, MBBS, MPH
Public Health Consultant, North West Los Angeles

Part of the LAPTN DMH team, Pranab Banskota partners with clinical supervisors, program heads, and district chiefs in clinics to promote efficiency, reduce waste and deliver quality services to clients in Department of Mental Health.

Pranab has 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry in different countries and across a diverse population. He started his professional career as a physician in Nepal, providing primary care to a vulnerable population in Kathmandu. He transitioned from being a clinician to a public health professional and lead multiple public health research projects in Nepal. His works include, among others, breastfeeding practice among ethnic minorities in Nepal, uptake of the antiretroviral drug among high-risk female clients. More recently Pranab worked with migrant workers in Qatar trying assessing quality of life, health-seeking behavior, and addressing human rights challenges. Pranab is passionate about empowering underprivileged communities through awareness.

Pranab enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

Pranab got his clinical degree from Henan Medical University, Zhengzhou, China and is licensed to practice medicine in Nepal. He is also certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the US. He holds Masters of Public Health in Global Health from New York University.

Vincent Vinh
Quality Informatics Consultant, Los Angeles

Vincent has over eight years of experience in the healthcare industry, which includes working with solo practitioner offices and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). As Elevation Health Quality Informatics Consultant, Vincent specializes in health information exchange, data reporting and system optimization of various electronic health records and population health management systems to further improve clinical data and health outcomes. He also brings deep expertise in various federal quality initiatives, such as Patient Centered Medication Home (PCMH), the Uniform Data System (UDS), Meaningful Use, and Patient- Centered Medical Home, among others.

As a part of the Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN), a HRSA-funded initiative, he works with practices to improve electronic UDS data submission capabilities and collaborative team performance through the adoption of various QI Tools. Vincent applies Lean methodologies, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) principles and tools, including Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) and A3 tools to improve various UDS quality measures. Vincent also serves as a program-level Data Coach for the Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN), a CMS-funded program geared toward improving health outcomes, achieving practice transformation, and preparing practices for value-based payment models. Vincent works collaboratively with the other consultants on the team to improve care for patients with diabetes and/or depression across the network via data analysis. Additionally, he works closely with L.A. Care Health Plan to promote coordination of care and reduce unnecessary hospitalization through the introduction and adoption of technology among participating FQHCs. Vincent provides overall technical assistance to FQHC clients working to maintain or secure Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition.

Prior to joining the team, Vincent was the Health Informatics Analyst at the Costa Mesa-based FQHC, Share Our Selves (SOS), for over three years. At SOS, Vincent managed regulatory and operational reporting requirements including UDS, OSHPD, BPR, PCMH, Komen Grant, HEDIS and Meaningful Use, among others. He worked on optimizing the clinic’s Electronic Health Record as well as all other ancillary software at the clinic while developing and standardizing clinical workflows to ensure compliance and to improve patient clinical outcomes. Vincent was heavily involved in the empanelment efforts of the clinic as part of its transition to a value-base care model. He also led SOS’s HIE efforts with Saint Joseph Hospital and HOAG Memorial Hospital. Vincent played a primary role in the achievement of Level 3 PCMH recognition for all four attesting SOS sites in 2017.

Vincent also brings deep expertise in Allscripts Professional EHR, Allscripts Practice Management, Dentimax, Crystal Reporting, and is an i2iTracks Super User.

Natasha Doshi, MPH
Quality Improvement Consultant, Long Beach

Natasha Doshi joined Elevation Health Partners as an intern to the projects of the LAPTN Quality Improvement Coaches. Her desire to redesign heath in terms of community and team-based care led her to EHP, where she has primarily worked on empanelment, panel management, and PCMH transformation. Natasha is currently assisting the team with designing interventions to reduce staff turnover and improve continuity of care between patients and providers. She looks forward to enhancing community clinics and assisting them with their health care delivery needs.

Natasha’s interest in health consultation began at St. Barnabas Senior Services in downtown Los Angeles, where she was fortunate enough to be involved in the operations of the center, assisting the administration and social workers in coordinating medical, financial, and housing needs of a low-income older adult population. She currently runs a non-profit organization, Saving Hearts of California Kids, to increase access to automated external defibrillators in schools through community outreach, equipment donation, and training opportunities.

Natasha is very knowledgeable of health care policy and current eligibility requirements of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security (SSDI and SSI).

Natasha is finishing her Masters of Public Health with a focus in Public Health Policy at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Health and Humanities from the University of Southern California.

Natasha spends her weekends DJ-ing for USC’s student-run radio station, KXSC. She is an avid tennis player and reader of horror novels.

Annie D. Kim, MSW
Business Insights Consultant, North West Los Angeles

Annie has over 8 years of non-profit and healthcare experience in spearheading and/or overseeing projects and program in the community-based healthcare clinics and social services. She has a strong background in non-profits and healthcare industry in health access strategy, electronic application integration, performance management, quality practice management, revenue cycle, and business development and insight.

Her recent professional work involved working for a Federally Qualified Health Center, mainly focusing on the vulnerable populations in order to increase access to various services in the departments, such as primary care, dental, mental health, case management, and pharmacy. The tangible skills she possesses are as follows: Developing and executing deliverables and plans using quality improvement tools, completing project deliverables effectively and timely, gathering customer experience in services, identifying opportunities for access improvement and quality of services, analyzing data and workflows, collaborating with diverse population and organizations for recruitment and collaboration, developing, maintaining and implementing systems for a timely and accurate recording, and providing support to staff and ensure compliance with the project/program protocols and creative solutions to issues on hand. She also has experience in collaborating with Health Informatics Analyst and Electronic Health Record Manager to facilitate internal audit and improve multitude of services under Medicaid and Medicaid.

Vanessa Lam, MPH, MPP
Strategy and Innovation Consultant, West Los Angeles

Vanessa has a decade of experience in various aspects of health care and health policy. She has a successful track record with business development and client engagement with health systems, health departments, and clinics. With her background in research, she believes in the power of data and best practices to transform how health care is delivered. All of her work has focused on how to improve the health care system, whether at the national or clinic level.

As Evaluation Coordinator for the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, Vanessa served as primary liaison for a number of federally qualified health centers, leading their process and outcomes evaluations around tobacco cessation. She also supported data analysis projects for Center clients and co-authored policy briefs and reports for various projects. Vanessa continued her research and policy role as an Analyst for the UCLA Center for Health Advancement, writing manuscripts for mainstream publication and academic journals making evidence-based recommendations about how to reduce wasteful spending in the US health care system.

Vanessa was previously stationed at Kern County Public Health Department on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There she worked directly with clinics and small medical practices to support perinatal substance abuse prevention with standardized survey protocols. She oversaw clinics and practices throughout Kern County and provided training for clinic staff as needed. While at Kern County, Vanessa helped develop the Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Program from pilot to implementation, working with county nurses and local health care providers to increase access to family planning services for high-risk women. Vanessa fostered partnerships with community stakeholders, including other county agencies, non-profit organizations, and local chapters of national health-focused associations.

Vanessa earned a Masters of Public Health and a Masters of Public Policy from University of California at Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health from University of California at Berkeley.

In her free time, Vanessa enjoys playing board games and reading at the beach with her dog, Zuko. She is always looking to explore new coffee shops around the Los Angeles area and when she travels.

Savitri Modi, PharmD
Pharmacist Consultant Liaison, Greater Los Angeles Area

Savitri joined the Elevation Health Partners team in early 2019 to help develop and grow a new position to incorporate pharmacy practices as the Pharmacist Consultant Liaison. Prior to her arriving into this position, she was a volunteer at a local hospital where she was refining her pharmacist skillsets with antimicrobial stewardship, infectious disease, inpatient pharmacy practices, team collaboration, and aiding as an advisor to students.

With EHP, she will work with projects, clinics, and solo physician practices in improving patient health scores with comorbid diseases by evaluating data and paving the way to incorporate the pharmacist in collaborative practices. She will utilize her licensure to provide best patient practices and work alongside the care team. This position allows Savitri to gain new skillsets and allows EHP to explore new avenues in healthcare. Savitri received a dual bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of New Mexico and proceeded onto pharmacy school. After completing her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from Western New England University in Massachusetts, Savitri became a licensed pharmacist in late 2018.

Outside of her role at EHP, Savitri enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is a big foodie and enjoys trying new foods and cooking. She enjoys traveling, reading mysteries, and spoiling her puppy. Additionally, she enjoys volunteering and helping out the community. Through her local temple, she prepares boxed lunches monthly and distributes them to the less fortunate in downtown Los Angeles.

Kaylie Alexander, MPH
Operations and Quality Improvement Consultant, Greater Los Angeles Area

Kaylie has eleven years of healthcare experience with the majority of time spent working in the safety net setting. She is passionate about ensuring all people have access to quality healthcare. She is an Operations and Quality Improvement Consultant working with Federally Qualified Health Centers on the Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN), a CMS-sponsored grant initiative that is focused on extensive quality improvement goals, practice transformation, and preparing practices for value-based reimbursement.

Prior to joining Elevation Health Partners, she worked for over five years at Venice Family Clinic, one of the largest FQHCs in Los Angeles. She was most recently the Program Manager for Dental and Integrative Medicine. Kaylie was responsible for all of the programs’ operations including measures, outcomes and budgets. In her time there she increased access and integration for both programs, redesigned workflows using LEAN methodology and was the lead on numerous quality improvement teams. She was one of a few employees selected to be on the strategic planning committee and helped develop the organization’s five-year strategic plan. She was the research coordinator for PRIMIER, a practice-based research network that aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrative medicine interventions in real-time, clinical settings. She has been involved in four clinical trials in her career, including while working for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA). She also has a deep background in healthcare marketing and development. She enjoys project management and has created and managed numerous marketing calendars involving internal and external stakeholders.

Kaylie obtained a Masters of Public Health with a focus in Health Policy in Management from UCLA. She earned a Bachelors of Arts in Biology with a Journalism Minor from Indiana University.

In her free time Kaylie is an avid reader who enjoys cooking, hiking and going on adventures in Los Angeles and abroad. She has traveled to five continents and has visited five of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Rula Othman, MS
Clinical Quality Informatics Consultant, Greater Los Angeles Area

Rula joined the EHP team in early 2019 with extensive experience in quality reporting and hospital workflow analysis. She joins us from Kaiser Permanente where she practiced as a consultant in Population Health Management managing various projects focused on the HEDIS and CMS Medicare 5-star ratings across 7 of Kaiser’s West Los Angeles hospitals and medical centers. Her projects included Depression Care, Plant Based Diet, Cardiovascular Health & Rehabilitation, Diabetes Reporting, Hypertension, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Adolescent Metabolic Monitoring, and various other Medication Adherence focused initiatives.

With EHP, Rula will be focusing on the CMS funded Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN) Project working closely with federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) throughout the greater Los Angeles area to strategize key opportunities for care quality and process improvement. Starting her journey at UCLA, she received a Bachelor’s in Biology and focused her efforts on fostering cultural understanding. She continued at USC’s Keck School of Medicine where she received a Master’s in Global Medicine. There, she focused on infectious diseases and mental health indicators within displaced populations post-war as well as the intersection of healthcare and human rights. Additionally, she is certified in Data Analytics through USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering.

Beyond her role at EHP, Rula enjoys expanding her nonprofit work. She currently focuses on education and healthcare access to displaced populations globally through the founding of multiple organizations. Additionally, she is an avid bruncher and loves exploring new spots throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Lauren Borrowdale
Consultant, Greater Los Angeles Area

Lauren joined the Elevation Health Partners team in 2018 as a Consultant. She has a background in population health, network management, practice coaching, and extensive knowledge working with IPAs, medical groups and individual provider practices.

Previously at HealthCarePartners a DaVita Medical group, Lauren worked in IPA operations focusing on private practice management and improvement. Her previous work included quality metric management and improvement, credentialing coordination, compliance, contracting communication and negotiations as well as provider education, performance review, and targeted improvement strategies.

At Elevation Health Partners, Lauren has been leading efforts on the Encounter Data Project where she works with practices to improve the quality, timeliness, and volume of their encounter and claims submissions. She works with each practice towards the education of encounter data, the submission process, and sharing of best practices. Lauren has strived towards the improvement of Angeles IPA member quality data reporting to positively impact quality ratings associated with HEDIS, STARS, CMC HCC, and RAF scoring.

Lauren received her Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign where she triple-majored in Health Administration and Planning, Health Education and Promotion, as well as Rehabilitation and Disability Studies.

Amanda Nicosia
Communications Specialist, Greater Chicago Area

Amanda joined the Elevation Health Partners team in 2019 as the Communications Specialist. She has nearly a decade of experience in marketing and communications with an extensive background in copywriting, content strategy, branding best practices, web and graphic design, social media, and digital marketing.

At Elevation Health Partners, Amanda’s communication and organizational skills help her lead creative marketing efforts as well as project management, proposal development, and design implementation. She collaborates with other team members to ensure projects are completed and to the highest quality standards.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing from Rockford University in Illinois, focusing on branding, digital strategies, project planning, web development, and design. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, art, and spending quality time with her family and friends.



Elevation Health Partners demonstrates more than fourteen years of collaboration with policy makers, grant makers, health systems, and state and federal agencies in the development and execution of strategies to advance meaningful, measurable improvements in all areas of the health care delivery system — in support of high-value health care for all the people of California.


Elevation Health Partners demonstrates more than fourteen years of collaboration with policy makers, grant makers, health systems, and state and federal agencies in the development and execution of strategies to advance meaningful, measurable improvements in all areas of the health care delivery system — in support of high-value health care for all the people of California.


Elevation Health Partners works with our clients to embed and institutionalize best practices for sustained and meaningful impact to patient care.  



Alumni are an important aspect of the The Elevation Health Partners network. Through formal and informal events we maintain our professional relationships with our alumni.


Alumni are an important aspect of the The Elevation Health Partners network. Through formal and informal events we maintain our professional relationships with our alumni.

Featured Alumni

Massimo Marini
Senior Program Analyst, Inland Empire Health Information Exchange (IEHIE)

Massimo was with the Elevation Health Partners team for only a year but he left an enduring mark. Massimo is unmatched in his passion for vulnerable and underserved populations and he is equally unsurpassed in his genius ability to build a business case to better serve those populations no matter what the concern (could be spoons, social services, or health services - he's done it all). Massimo is a former Peace Corps Volunteer for Ukraine and still enjoys traveling to far off places and community service.