Elevation Health Partners takes an innovative, people-centric approach to serve and guide the unique needs of our clients.

We work with government agencies, policy influencers, and provider organizations who are seeking a sustained, meaningful impact to patient care.

Allied IPA

California Department of Health Care Services

California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)

California Health Information Partnership and Services (CALHIPSO)

Cedars-Sinai Community Benefit

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC)


Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP)

Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN)

National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA)

The Institute for High Quality Care (IHQC)

California Quality Collaborative (CQC)

Center FOr Care Innovations (CCI)

Hannibal Regional
Healthcare System

Imperial County Department of Public HealtH

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)


Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH)

And Many More


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Health Information Technology Extension Center of Los Angeles (HITEC-LA)

Imperial County Medical Society

L.A. Care Health Plan

Multi-cultural IPA

Rady Children’s Hospital - San Diego



Our team works shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients at every level. Key to our process is our ability to adapt and tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs and constraints in order to find opportunities to accomplish their goals.


Our team works shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients at every level. Key to our process is our ability to adapt and tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs and constraints in order to find opportunities to accomplish their goals.

LAPTN Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative

  • Federal Grant (CMS)

  • Medi-Cal Population/FQHC

  • Direct, Onsite Technical Assistance

  • Quality Metrics

  • Reimbursement Reform Readiness (Pilot)

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LAPTN is a $15.8M project funded by CMS Innovation Center’s Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) that aims to improve outcomes for patients with diabetes or depression. LAPTN provides assistance to 3,100 participating clinicians, serving two million of the county’s most vulnerable patients.

Elevation Health Partners has staffed a team of quality improvement coaches to work shoulder-to-shoulder with practices in outreach, education, practice readiness, practice facilitation, health information technology, optimization, practice workflow redesign, care protocols, care coordination, data analysis, data integrity, and reporting. 


HRSA Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCN)

  • Federal Grant (HRSA)

  • Medi-Cal Population/FQHC

  • Direct, Onsite Technical Assistance

  • Quality Metrics

  • Reimbursement Reform Readiness (HEDIS)

  • PCMH

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The Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles (CCALAC) HCCN program is funded at $1.25 million under a three year program by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). It is designed to improve access to care, enhance quality of care, and achieve cost efficiencies through the redesign of practices to integrate services, optimize patient outcomes, and prepare practices for value based reimbursement.

Elevation Health Partners has led technical assistance efforts under the HCCN program since 2012. We currently have a team of quality improvement coaches working with over 40 participating FCHQs throughout Los Angeles County to improve select quality measures to enhance performance under an L.A. Care Health Plan HEDIS P4P incentive program.


Throughout 2017, Elevation Health Partners facilitated a community-based stakeholder group to select and enhance an evidence-based community model for asthma. The team completed a six-week capacity building process and selected the Community Healthcare for Asthma Management and Prevention of Symptoms (CHAMPS) – a family-centered, patient-tailored, evidence-based, pediatric asthma intervention. The CHAMPS intervention combines asthma counseling and in-home mitigation of environmental triggers for patients with poorly controlled or moderate-to-severe asthma in primary care settings. The PRAPARE tool is a cornerstone of CHAMPS. Called Asthma Linkages, this is the first health initiative in the larger California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI) framework.

Imperial County Department of Public Health

  • Accountable Community for Health

  • Evidence-based Community Care Model

  • Asthma Care Model

  • Data Sharing

  • Data Strategy

  • Quality Improvement

  • Metrics

  • SDOH


Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego

  • Practice Transformation

  • Onsite Coaching

  • Evidence-based Guidelines

  • Workflow Analysis and Redesign

  • Policies and Procedures Development

  • Curriculum, Training Plans, and Toolkit Development

  • EHR Customizations


  • Coding

  • Quality Improvement

  • Facilitation and Training

The Southwest Pediatric Practice Transformation Network (PTN) is funded by the federal CMS CMMI Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi) and represents a collaboration between Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and Rady Children’s Hospital - San Diego (RCHSD). The PTN is the only pediatric health systems among the 39 national PTNs, supporting 230 pediatric practices (more than 1500 clinicians) to ready practices for value based reimbursement while achieving improvement in six pediatric conditions and related clinical quality measures (CQMs).

From 2016 - 2018, Elevation Health Partners worked with PTN and clinical leadership to implement the newly developed standardized clinical care guidelines and algorithms covering six clinical pediatric conditions in three FQHCs and over 40 small and solo practices (practices), spanning four EHR systems including EPIC, eCW, NextGen, and AllScripts.

To assist the practices in improving Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) and P4P performance, Elevation Health also developed and delivered a comprehensive “Coding for Quality” curriculum, and ran the “Deep Dive” learning collaborative delivered through in-person and webinar sessions covering best practices and deep dives in encounter submission, coding, billing, and claim editing (assigning the correct NCQA CPT, ICD, and HCPCS codes). The series also addressed adherence to evidenced-based care on the six pediatric conditions and related CQMs.

Elevation Health Partners prepared a guidebook and training plan to transition the ongoing training to the PTN staff and Quality Improvement Advisors.

Finally, our team documented the challenges and gaps in standardizing care protocols in the EHRs to inform future PTN, advocacy and policy work. Sample care algorithms and field training materials may be available upon request.


Throughout 2017 and 2018, Elevation Health Partners consultants served as coaches and facilitators to deliver IHQCs Quality Curriculum. This curriculum aims to help safety net providers address the growing demand to demonstrate efficiencies and achieve high-quality outcomes. “Building a Culture of Quality,” IHQCs newest learning community explores how Quality Improvement methodology is applied and embedded on an organizational level. This 18-month program is sponsored by Cedars-Sinai and is offered free of charge to participants.

Institute for High Quality Care

  • On-site and Individualized Coaching

  • Quality Improvement

  • Training

  • Facilitation


Robert E. Tranquada, M.D. Safety Net Infrastructure Initiative (Tranquada-V)

  • Community Grant

  • Medi-Cal Population/FQHC

  • Direct, Onsite Technical Assistance

  • Quality Metrics

  • Reimbursement Reform Readiness (HEDIS)

Learn more about L.A. Care Community Benefits Programs

The Tranquada-V initiative, funded from the Community Benefits Program at L.A. Care Health Plan, provides seven FQHCs within L.A. Care Health Plan’s network with support to improve medical care and health outcomes among children, women, and adults.

The quality improvement coaches at Elevation Health Partners assist health centers to reach their improvement goals on targeted HEDIS measures. Activities include selecting and implementing evidence-based population health management strategies, identifying and removing organizational and technical barriers, and more.



  • County Government

  • Medi-Cal Population/FQHC

  • County Health

  • Direct, Onsite Technical Assistance

  • Telehealth

  • Gold Standard Workflow

  • Facilitation

  • Training

  • Health IT Implementation

Learn more about L.A. Care eConsult

eConsult is a telehealth process enabling primary care providers (PCPs) to consult remotely and conveniently with specialists. Store and forward.

eConsult can successfully reduce the need for face-to-face office visits by facilitating efficient exchange of information to meet clinical needs. Elevation Health Partners consultants were part of a core team leading the initial implementation of eConsult among county health organizations. Our team trained more than a dozen county facilities to use the platform.

eConsult is a collaboration of the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County, Health Care L.A. Independent Physician Association, L.A. Care Health Plan, L.A. County Department of Health Services, and MedPOINT Management.


Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) turns a person’s wishes about end-of-life care into actionable medical orders. Signed by both doctor and patient, POLST helps give terminally-ill patients more control over their end-of-life care.

The Elevation Health Partners team worked collaboratively with BluePath Health and the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) to examine the feasibility of an electronic POLST registry in California. This project was funded by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF).

The feasibility study found that POLST implementation reached an appropriately high level to support a statewide electronic POLST registry. This effort led to a partnership with the Institute for Population Health Improvement (IPHI) of the UC Davis Health System and funding for an 18-month electronic registry pilot for two counties in California.


  • Feasibility Study

  • Policy Development

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Telehealth

  • Electronic Registry

See the study
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Learn more about CCCC


Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP)

  • Feasibility Study

  • Privacy and Security

  • Onsite Direct Technical Assistance

  • Encounter Data Strategy and Analysis

  • IPA Development and Support

  • HEDIS/P4P Strategy and Operations

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Elevation Health Partners helps providers purchase and implement a variety of health information technologies to improve efficiency and quality of care. These technologies include disease and immunization registries, e-prescribing, chronic disease management, electronic health records, and health information exchange.


Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP)

  • Policy and Legislation

  • Reimbursement Reform

  • Telehealth

  • Research

  • Analysis

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In 2013, the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) embarked on an 8-month project to ensure that telehealth policy, regulation, education, and research are in lock-step with health reform activities. The Elevation Health Partners team collaborated with BluePath Health to bring together industry experts, premier researchers, policy makers, and grant funders in an effort to realign short and long terms goals, ensure that research is aimed at the appropriate areas, and to identify leadership, skills, best practices, and champions to advance and sustain telehealth in Calfornia.


Patientoc is an integrated system for real-time collection and transmission of patient-reported information and personalized health education to patients. The solutions help reduce administrative costs, improve quality of care, and enhance patient experience.


  • Medicare, Medi-Cal Population/FQHC

  • Direct, Onsite Technical Assistance

  • Golden State Workflow

  • Strategy and Operations Work

  • Patient-centered Care

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